the darkest community in solana

Immortals is a project of Unique dark NFTs in the Solana Chain. Main goal is to offer a unique nft expericence to the collectors through revenue share, 1/1 raffles, Rugged NFT swap and many more.

Immortals Main collection

Immortals is a unique NFT Collection with 630 NFTs on Solana Chain. An art centered project with many rewards to holders. Exchange rugged NFTs and raid for $RIP. Spend $RIP to 1/1 art in the Rip-Store.

Dark Demons

1/1 Auctions & Raffles

Dark Raiderz

1/1 Auctions & Raffles

Lost Souls

Finished 1/1 Collection

$RIP token

Total $RIP supply = 10,000,000


raid to get paid

The more you raid, the more $RIP tokens and $SOL you will earn.

Trade Rugged NFTs

Exchange your rugged NFTs for $RIP tokens and use them on ART.


for 1/1 nfts and sol

$RIP tokens can be used in raffles for unique 1/1 NFTs from the “Dark Demons” and “Dark Raiderz” collections, $SOL, WLs etc.

$RIP Store

1/1 NFTs

Gather a specific amount of $RIP tokens and order a Dark Demon or a Dead Raider.

custom banners

You need a custom twitter banner, you can order one and pay with your $RIP tokens.

Merch & Gifts

Plans to expand the $RIP store with merch and IRL gifts, depending project’s funds.


secondary sales

Total Royalties: 3%
(2.1% to project’s wallet | 0.9% team)

The creator

A project by DefiTokens
and a great community