Dark Souls


An Nft project around the art

Dark Souls is a project of Unique dark NFTs in the Solana Chain. Main goal is to offer a unique nft expericence to the collectors and at the same time support the nft community by investing in upcoming 1/1 artists.





Lost souls 1/1

1 $soul / day

L◎st S◎uls is a unique collection of 100 + 18 special summoned, hand drawn, 1/1 characters.

trapped souls

0.5 $soul / day

Trapped Souls is a dark collection of 222 Dark Souls, generated from unique and hand drawn traits.

Dark Demons

1/1 Auctions & Raffles

A unique collection of 1/1 Artworks.

Ghost souls

Ghost Souls are special and customized 1/1 artworks that getting unlocked by using Soul Keys. A unique Collection by Dark Souls NFT Project.

Lost Spirits

Exchange Rugs for NFTs

Lost Spirits holders can exchange rugged or abandoned NFTs for SPIRIT TOKENS and spend them to auctions and raffles for 1/1 art, different generative projects, WL spots, SOL etc.

soul keys

Utility NFTs

Soul Keys is a special utility collection for holders of Lost/Trapped Souls NFTs..

$soul token

Total $soul supply = 1,000,000


auctions & raffles

$soul tokens can be used in both auctions and raffles where collectors can acquire unique NFTs from our Art Wallet.

buy / sell


Trade $SOUL at DexLab

Trade $SOUL at FFF (soon)


token usage

Every $soul token that is being used for auctions, raffles or any other use, are going to lostsouls.sol wallet from where they will be burned forever.


earn $souls

Staking NFTs from any of the collections will reward you with $soul tokens.

The creator


I am Notis, I am 30 years old, father of 2 boys and I am from Greece. Drawing was my passion from a very young age and that is why for almost 10 years I worked as graphic designer. I love creating artworks and especially dark niche designs.   I joined the NFT space on March 2021 and from then I have created many different 1/1 artworks and collections.

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