nft collections about the art

“Dark Souls” started and stays an NFT project about the art.

I believe that art is the ultimate utility for 1/1 collections. Joining Dark Souls Project, will offer you many ways to acquire unique 1/1 artworks from many different artists and collections.

NFT community is very important to us and through this project we will try to give back the more possible. Main priorities are to reward all collectors and support upcoming artists.

What does that mean?

A new art wallet has been created which will focus on acquiring many different artworks from upcoming or established artists. The choice will be made from both artistic and investing view in order to get the greatest value in every purchase will be made.

So what about the acquired artworks?

Many DAOs acquire artworks in order to flip them for profit and share the profits with the collectors. This is not what we will do. Maybe some of them will be flipped for profit that will return back to the wallet but the main goal is other.

$Soul tokens are distributed to all holders through staking. You will be able to spend these tokens in unique artworks that have been acquired in the Art Wallet, through Auctions and raffles.

There is a gallery page where you can see all the available artworks in our wallet. Auctions and raffles will be made in random dates. All Lost Souls holders can trigger an auction for any Artwork in the Wallet at any time.

In simply words, you will be able to get many artworks for free and support artists that deserve it. And we should not forget, you never know how these artworks will be priced in the future.

The main market we will focus on is Solana Chain but we will expand our collection to other chains too.

All Holders:

  • Have access to Holders Chat, Giveaways, Alpha, top daily mints etc.
  • Can participate to Auctions of nfts from our Art Wallet

Holding a Lost Soul:

  • 1 $soul / day per Lost Soul
  • Can start auction for any artwork in the Art Wallet

Holding 3+ Lost Souls aka Lost Spirits:

  • Art Proposals for our wallet
  • More exclusive Bonuses

Holding a Trapped Soul:

  • 0.5 $soul / day

Holding 3+ Trapped Souls

  • Can start auction for any artwork in the Art Wallet

Holding both a Lost Soul and a Trapped Soul:

  • Airdrop of Soul Key (1 per wallet), which can be used for a unique Ghost artwork.

Holding 3+ Lost Souls and 3+ Trapped Souls

  • Airdrop a special Soul Key instead of a normal, which can be used for 2 special Ghost artworks.

Holding a Soul Reaper:

  • 2 $soul / day
OnCyber 3d gallery