Soul Keys

Soul Keys is a special utility collection with unique NFTs from Lost Souls / Trapped Souls Collection. Activating a Soul Key will offer you a special NFT. 


  • Soul keys will be airdropped to holders of 1 Lost Soul + 1 Trapped Soul.
  • Special Soul Keys will be airdropped to holders of 3 Lost Souls + 3 Trapped Souls.

How to activate the Soul Key?

You can activate your soul key with 2 different ways:
1) Burn 1xKey, 1xTrappedSoul and 10 $soul tokens
2) Burn 1xKey and 30 $soul tokens

In order to burn the above you have to send them to ‘lostsouls.sol’ wallet from where they will be burned.

Soul Keys can only be used by holders of at least 1 Trapped Soul.

  1. Holders of 1 Lost Soul + 1 Trapped Soul that activate the soul key will receive a special artwork including both their nfts or parts of them (example 1 for normal nft and 2 for special).
  2. If the soul key is activated by a holder of only Trapped Soul and not a Lost soul, will receive a special artwork including only the trapped Soul (example 3).
  3. Special Soul keys will give the holder a special artwork with 1 lost soul and 1 trapped soul of their preference (example 1 or 2) plus a unique 1/1 demon character (example 4). If the holder that activates the Special Soul key doesn’t hold a Lost Soul (bought the key on secondary or sold the lost souls) only a 1/1 Demon will be received.

Once again, 1 Trapped Soul and 10 $soul tokens or 30 $soul tokens is the sacrifice to all the above. All NFTs will be minted to a separate collection “Soul Ghosts” on and will be listed to MagicEden after all keys have been used.